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Captain's Log, Stardate 77818.3

Updated: Apr 3

I am starting my first log entry as Commander of Starfleet's new vessel, the Mae Jemison. We underway to Alpha Centauri as our mighty vessel completes its first week of her shakedown cruise. My orders are to test out the new systems, pick up some of our new crew members and await orders of our first mission. Meanwhile, I am becoming better acquainted with my new command - this Odyssey class USS Mae Jemison. I am still in awe of her size and capabilities.

I still have to admit that I never thought that I would see the day that I would be in the center seat once again after bouncing from ship to ship until the fleet offered me a new command. It seemed like yesterday that I stepped down after my five years of command on the former Starship Top Gun. I truly missed the hum of her engines. Now, with this new ship of the line under my feet, I am so glad that I am here.

As for her crew, we are slowly developing people in key positions but one that I can be very proud of selecting was my first officer, one Captain Savage. His previous experience as commander of the Starship Thor made him the right choice to help me lead this amazing crew. His record of handling the second contact mission of Keldar II among many things made him a top choice for any commander out there.

Just recently, I had the honor of promoting my first new officer in the crew. Fresh from Officers Training School at the Academy, the newly minted Ensign Raquel Savage is going to make a fine security officer. In regard to the crew, even though it's their first week on this ship, I have a strong feeling that we will achieve the goals and aspirations within them as we explore the final frontier together.


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