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CAPTAIN’S LOG: Stardate 77903.6

               We have recently rendezvoused with our sistership, the USS Rhapsody, to the planet Keldar II for not only a fact-finding mission but for a chance to meet with delegates as they are requested to become potential members of the Federation. The diplomatic teams of both are in final talks to see if the Keldarians have the right stuff to join our team. With the recent skirmishes of the Drookmani, I am sure they will need all the help they can get.

                This was also an opportunity for my Number One, Captain Savage, to journey back to the planet as he led the second contact mission many years while serving on the USS Thor. He took a small away to the surface while I’m in the catbird seat handling other affairs of the fleet from the comforts of my ready room

                What I am looking forward to after this mission is some much needed R&R at Starbase 15.



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